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Made Market Donations Wanted


Made Market is now accepting prize donations!

Donation Types

Vendor Donations

Vendors, we’d love for you to donate either prizes from your shop or gift certificates for use at the show!

We’ll be sure to highlight your donation on our web site, sponsor page, and throughout the show!

Community Donations

We welcome prize donations for gift cards from major retailers such as Target and Starbucks, as well as Visa gift cards!

Decor Donation

Decor items we would *love* to have:
– tissue paper (white, earth tones, and pastels)
– twine
– paper / pom flowers (white, earth tones, pastels)
– balloons (white, earth tones, pastels)
– helium tank ♥

If you’d like to donate anything not mentioned above, leave a comment or message us!

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