Vendor Roundup III


I usually do vendors 5 at a time, but this show is taking off faster than I can keep up, so I had to do 8 vendors for this one!

Confirmed vendors, from left to right:

If you’d like to be a vendor, request an invitation here. Limited spaces available, apply soon.

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Made Market Donations Wanted


Made Market is now accepting prize donations!

Donation Types

Vendor Donations

Vendors, we’d love for you to donate either prizes from your shop or gift certificates for use at the show!

We’ll be sure to highlight your donation on our web site, sponsor page, and throughout the show!

Community Donations

We welcome prize donations for gift cards from major retailers such as Target and Starbucks, as well as Visa gift cards!

Decor Donation

Decor items we would *love* to have:
– tissue paper (white, earth tones, and pastels)
– twine
– paper / pom flowers (white, earth tones, pastels)
– balloons (white, earth tones, pastels)
– helium tank ♥

If you’d like to donate anything not mentioned above, leave a comment or message us!

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Early Bird Ends Soon


Early bird pricing ENDS Sunday, August 31!

This means:
– Booth pricing goes up from $65 to $80
– If you need a table, pricing goes up from $75 to $90
– Booth selection will become arbitrary, meaning you will no longer have booth preference – we will select your booth space for you.
– Vendor acceptance becomes more strict, as we limit the number of vendors per category

If you would like to be invited to the show, request an invitation ASAP.

If you have been accepted into the show and have not paid, please make your payment ASAP. Refer to the vendor application for details.

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Everyone Should Have Received an E-mail


It has come to our attention that some vendors who requested an invitation did not receive a confirmation e-mail.

If you requested an invitation to Made Market, you should have received a confirmation e-mail. It states that we are in the jury selection process and will be sending out official invitations on August 16th.

If you did not hear back from us, please contact us again.
E-mail us directly at MadeMarketSD -at-

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