Is there a central check out?
No, each vendor must be on site and is responsible at managing their own booth and sales. We are only responsible for the venue and renting the space and take no responsibility that said vendor must have: liability, licensing and or payments regarding items sold at show.

Is there an entrance fee?
Yes, $4 per adult. KIDS ARE FREE. Military free with ID. Parking is FREE. We partner with MOPs (Moms of preschoolers-Existence church) to help fund scholarships to cover all fees including childcare. Moms who are hoping to join alongside many other amazing women embracing the journey of motherhood. This Ticket grants access to (make and take crafts, photo booth fun, and shopping the some of the most talented vendors selected)

Why is there a no refund upon cancellation?
As much as we would like to be able to do this we simply can’t, we put in our best efforts to fill our venue and work really hard to promote and do our due diligence and being the size of our venue one missing piece is hard to fill last minute which can cause a complete empty space being our show is exclusive to handmade can really mess with the look and feel of our show. We also immediately upon receiving all vendor payments pay our huge portion that we promise to Existence church for the MOPS program to be able to fund scholarships. This is something that is really important to us to be able to partner with and fund. We are looking forward to partnering with more outreach to give back. If you are looking to be a part of a MOPS (Rancho Bernardo) definitely email- Kim: khexistence@gmail.com, and if you know of any organizations we can partner with-we’d love to know about them email us: mademarketsd@gmail.com

When are payments due?
We allow at least 2 weeks for payments to be made upon acceptance. If for any reason you need more time please contact mademarketsd@gmail.com to arrange this. Any non –communication will result in going to a backup vendor immediately, again we cannot hold on to spaces to long as we have to do what is best for our show and fair for other vendors on the waitlist. It’s very important to have payments submitted on time because we promise a said amount to fund our MOPS scholarships as well in an appropriated time frame for them to be a part the following semester.

How many guests are you expecting?
These past few shows we have had an average of about 700 per day show, our last being 900 shoppers since we moved to one day. We plan to consistently spend devoted time promoting the events on as many social media accounts :Instagram, Facebook, news media, radio media, local magazines, &local postings and hoping to expand every time we host. Alongside many of our very talented makers reaching out to their followers this always helps draw in people. We have consistently seen these numbers grow and couldn’t be more happier with the turn out every time.

Will there be parking for vendors/shoppers?
This is very important, at our last shows we had issues with other businesses, This time around we will not have to deal with this- at our new venue there will be plenty of parking spaces and no one needing to be hassled to move. Our church/venue has moved and we have our very own parking lot available with plenty of park spaces for shoppers to go and come as they please. Parking is FREE

Is there WIFI service onsite?
NO, all vendors will be responsible for having own access for their payments services to be working. Unfortunately we’ve tried this our first 2 shows and it clogged and jammed up our services and made for plenty of traffic jams and for the tech services we render to advertise via our screens and posts live on show day.

What is the size is the booth space?
Booth space is approximately 8×4 , wall spaces are a bigger at 8×8-8×10 spaces depending on the location inside the venue.

Set up and tear down?
Seller committed to selling at Made Market at said date of application from time mentioned will receive specific set up information upon acceptance and payment, and, will have a 3hr set up time frame with parking access right outside of venue to both set up and tear down before and after the show.

Do you provide Tables/chairs?
We ONLY provide chairs at no cost. Tables are an additional cost $10 this covers our exact rental and delivery/pick up fees. Make sure to request these ahead of time we will not have extra day of show and it will not be our responsibility for any last minute requests.

What am I allowed to have within my vendor space?
Your space is your own within the 8×4 space. You can display /sell your items as you choose. Signage is encouraged and allowed. Just keep in mind this is a family event and kids will be present, please take into consideration with displays and products. No offensive product will be permitted to display.

Do you have to be handmade to apply?
Yes, we love being to be exclusive to local, handmade small businesses. With the limited portions our venue has to offer right now we prefer to keep it this way. It’s our one way of showing our handmade community exclusivity and love. Come on down to support the real, true, local talent that surrounds your very areas and support a family dream.

Are babies/children allowed?
Absolutely! We love littles, most of them are what inspire and why most of the small businesses come to life right! We’ve created our shoppers aisles for strollers, we’ll have changing tables, family room for breastfeeding mamas, and a kids tables with coloring, or crafts set up just for them. We however, cannot be responsible for anything that happens to them during the show. We ask that you do not leave any child unattended. ANY CHILD LEFT UNATTENDED WILL BE GIVEN A RED BULL AND A FREE PUPPY!